Calibration Specimens & Standards

Ion Sputtering Calibration Standards

These ion sputtering standards are manufactured specifically for calibrating sputter ion guns. Thin films of both SiO2 on silicon wafers and anodically grown thin films of Ta2O5 on tantalum are available. The thickness uniformity of the thin films are approx. 5%.

Silicon wafers with thin films of silicon dioxide are available with thicknesses of approx. 200Å, 300Å, and 1000Å. These oxide films are grown with a wet oxygen process which insures a higher degree of uniformity than available using other processes. The 200Å and 300Å films are supplied on wafers with the back-side oxide removed. Tantalum pentoxide films are on approx. 0.5mm thick tantalum foil.

Cat # Description Price
H10115 SiO2 (~200Å) on 4" Si Wafer $669.00
H10145 Ta2O5 (~1000Å) on Ta, 37 x 37mm $474.00

"Holey" Film

holey film

Corrections of astigmatism in the electron microscope can best be done using a planar-type specimen such as a "holey" film which is carbon coated to give good contrast for easy observation of the Fresnel fringes around the edge of the hole. A range of hole sizes is provided. From these select the optimum size round hole for your magnification requirements. When you achieve symmetry of the Fresnel fringes, astigmatism has been eliminated. The carbon coated "holey" Formvar film is mounted on a 200 mesh, 3.0mm diameter, copper athene-type grid.

Cat # Description Price
H20100 "Holey" Film $29.00
H20105 "Holey" Film (Pk 10) $88.00
H20110 "Holey" Film (PK 25) $158.00
H20115 "Holey" Film (PK 50) $310.00

Calibration Carbon

calibration carbon

Where surface roughness studies are necessary, these spherical particles, lying in the range of 100-500nm, are invaluable. Shadows of these particles accurately calibrate every area being examined. Also, the shadows may be used to calculate elevations and depressions. Complete instructions for use included.

Cat # Description Price
H20125 Calibration Carbon $17.00

Catalase Crystals

catalase crystals

Crystals of bovine liver catalase are recommended as an internal standard of length in the electron microscope. Absolute sizes in the magnification range of 10,000x to 150,000x may be determined with an accuracy of ±2.5% and relative sizes with an accuracy of ±1.5%. Based on experimental data the principal catalase lattice spacing is 172 ± 4Å. Lattice lines separated by half this distance are used in actual size determinations. Crystals are suspended in antibacterial solution. Sealed in 10ml glass ampule. For ¨procedures describing the recrystallization, glutaraldehyde fixation and dilution required previous to using this material, see "The Lattice Spacing of Crystalline Catalase as an Internal Standard of Length in Electron Microscopy", by Wringley, Nicholas G., J. Ultrastructure Res., Vol. 24, pp. 454-464, 1968.

Cat # Description Price
H20150 Catalase Crystals $97.00

Aluminum Diffraction Standard

Provides a standard ring pattern from which the "d" spacings for the unknown sample can be calculated. Aluminum is preferred because the diffraction lines are narrow and sharp for easy measurement. The specimen should be on the same metal and mesh grid as the standard, which is 200 mesh. Please specify metal when ordering.

Cat # Description Price
H20175 Aluminum Diffraction Standard $43.00

Nickel Screen Specimen

nickel screen specimen

A 1500 mesh, 0.00015" thick nickel screen is precisely mounted within a 3.0mm copper Athene-type, double grid. The double grid is firmly secured to provide a sturdy specimen to last indefinitely. The very accurate spacings may be used to check magnification. The fine wire projections aid in the measurement of field distortions. One bar and one space measures 16.940µ.

Cat # Description Price
H20200 Nickel Screen Specimen $54.00



If your instrument can resolve the tetrad of this protein molecule it has better than 12.5Å resolution. Supplied as a pure suspension dispersed upon a Formvar substrate.

Cat # Description Price
H20225 Ferritin $60.00

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