Calibration Specimens & Standards

Calibration And Test Specimens For TEM

Carbon Gratings

Made from the highest quality diffraction gratings. They are useful in the electron microscope to obtain accurate magnification of specimen negatives at identical microscope settings. Variations over long periods of time do not exceed 4%. We recommend that the carbon grating be mounted on the same type of grid as the specimen. A magnification chart and full directions for use are included with each carbon grating. All calibration and test specimens are available on 3.0mm diameter grids of copper, nickel or gold. Please specify mesh and metal desired when ordering.

Low Magnification Carbon Grating

A germanium-shadowed carbon replica of a ruled diffraction grating having 15,240 lines per inch, with actual grating spacing of 1667nm. Useful for low magnification work with electron microscopes. 200 mesh copper grid.

Cat # Description Price
H20000 Low Magnification Carbon Grating $74.00

NiO Test Specimen for Analytical Electron Microscopy

Instructions are provided for performing the following measurements:
  • Calibration of TEM camera length and objective-aperture diameter
  • Calibration of the energy scale and energy resolution of an EDX system
  • Test for shadowing of the EDX detector by the specimen holder or by grid bars
  • Evaluation of the amount and character of stray radiation in the TEM column
  • Evaluation of the total systems background in an EDX spectrum
  • Solid angle of the x-ray detector and its efficiency at low photon energies
  • Detection of ice and hydrocarbon contamination of an EDX detector
  • Energy-axis calibration and a test of elemental-analysis procedures in EELS

This specimen can be useful for evaluating TEM's and EDX systems prior to purchase, for checking that column conditions and detector alignment are satisfactory (immediately after installation of an EDX detector) and periodically during routine operation of an EDX system, to test for possible icing or hydrocarbon contamination of the detector.

Additional information can be found by reading:Characterization of an Analytical Electron Microscope with a NiO Test Specimen by R.F. Egerton and S.C. Cheng.

Cat # Description Price
H20005 NiO Test Specimen No longer available in the next few months

Intermediate Magnification Carbon Grating

intermediate magnification carbon grating

A germanium-shadowed carbon replica of a ruled diffraction grating having 28,800 lines per inch, with actual grating spacing of 882nm. 200 mesh copper grid.

Cat # Description Price
H20025 Intermediate Magnification Carbon Grating $75.00

High Magnification Carbon Grating

high magnification carbon grating

A germanium-shadowed carbon replica of a ruled diffraction grating having 54,864 lines per inch, actual grating spacing of 463nm. Of particular value in high magnification work where the 28,800 line grating presents too few lines for accurate measurement. 300 mesh copper grid.

Cat # Description Price
H20050 High Magnification Carbon Grating $78.00

Carbon Grating 'Waffle' Type

carbon grating 'waffle' type

A germanium-shadowed carbon replica of a ruled diffraction grating with two sets of lines ruled at right angles to each other. There are 54,864 lines per inch giving actual spacing of 463nm in both directions. These gratings are very useful for magnification calibration of transmission electron microscopes. Also used for detection and measurement of lens distortion. 400 mesh copper grid.

Cat # Description Price
H20075 Carbon Grating "Waffle" Type $82.00

Calibrating Carbon

calibrating carbon

Where surface roughness studies are necessary, these spherical particles, lying in the range of 100-500nm, are invaluable. Shadows of these particles accurately calibrate every area being examined. Also, the shadows may be used to calculate elevations and depressions. Complete instructions for use included.

Cat # Description Price
H20125 Calibrating Carbon $15.00

Carbon Test Specimen

A high resolution test specimen consisting of a graphitized ISAF carbon black dispersed on "lacey" carbon film supported by a 200 mesh grid. The carbon black chains bridge openings into the film so there is no substrate to interfere with resolution tests. Imaging of the 3.4≈ lattice spacing of the carbon, along with the curved regions and dislocations, permit magnification calibration and check the performance of high resolution electron microscopes. See "A Test Object and Criteria for High Resolution Electron Microscopy" by Heindenrich, R.D., Hess, W.M., and Ban, L.L. Published in Applied Crystallography, Vol. 1, part 1, April, 1968.

Cat # Description Price
H20275 Carbon Test Specimen $69.00

Gold Shadowed Latex

gold shadowed latex

Prepared by dispersing a polystyrene latex suspension on a Formvar substrate and shadowing with evaporated gold. Measure the finest migrated gold particles in the shadow to determine the resolution of your instrument.

Cat # Description Price
H20300 Gold Shadowed Latex $47.00

Polystyrene Latex Spheres

  • For calibration of magnifications in electron microscope studies.
  • Used in particle counting devices, e.g., the Coulter Counter.
  • For determination of unknown specimen concentrations. If the concentration of latex particles, of uniform size, in a known volume is added to a sample of suspended matter of the same volume, a close approximation of the unknown concentration may then be determined.

When used for magnification determinations care must be taken to protect the latex particles from the heat of the electron beam which deforms them. This is done by evaporating a light carbon coating on the specimen previous to electron microscopy. Store at room temperature. Do not open vial until ready to use. When diluting the latex suspension use distilled, deionized water. Sold as 10cc of each latex solution in a special plastic dispenser. 0.2% solids.

Cat # Description Price
H20330 Latex Spheres, 0.091µm dia. $53.00
H20340 Latex Spheres, 0.176µm dia. $53.00
H20350 Latex Spheres, 0.312µm dia. $57.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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