Cleaning & Safety Supplies

Ross Optical Lens Tissue

Non-abrasive, non-linting, fine tissue of linen stock. Suitable for cleaning critical optical surfaces, electron microscopy materials, thin film substrates, and laser and semiconductor crystals. Safe for both coated and uncoated surfaces. Available in two sizes.

Cat # Description Price
Q12000 Optical Lens Tissue, 4 1/4" x 5", 1000 sheets/box $36.00
Q12005 Optical lens Tissue, 8 1/2" x 14", 100 sheets/pkg $38.00

Cleaning Cloths for E.M.

cleaning clothes for electron microscopy

Cotton Cleaning Cloths for E.M.

  • Cotton twill cleaning cloths have been bleached to remove all impurities and foreign matter, and double singed to remove all fuzz and lint
  • They are clean, static-free, absorbent, scratch-free and non-raveling
  • They are specially designed for cleaning and wiping applications in the E.M. laboratory
  • They are available in a 9" x 9" size, 300 pieces per bag
Cat# Description Price
Q12025 Cotton Cleaning Cloths $142.60

Polyester Cleaning Cloths for E.M.

  • For clean room operations or manufacturing applications which require low particulate counts and no lint, we recommended our 100% polyester wiping cloth
  • These cloths have been made in an exclusive monofilament, interlock stitch to prevent shredding
  • They can be washed and reused
  • They are available in a 9" x 9" size, packed in a clean poly bag, 150 pieces per bag.
Cat # Description Price
Q12050 Polyester Cleaning Cloths $141.00

Premium Quality Gloves - Cotton Interlock

More comfortable and longer-wearing than ordinary cotton gloves for laboratory and darkroom applications. Sold in packages of 12.

Cat # Description Price
Q12075 Interlock Cotton Gloves, small, pkg/12 $27.00
Q12080 Interlock Cotton Gloves, large, pkg/12 $32.00

Cotton Gloves for E.M. Lab and Darkroom

em lab & darkroom: cotton gloves

Bleached and hemmed cotton jersey. Sold in packages of 12.

Cat # Description Price
Q12100 Cotton gloves, small, lightweight $21.30
Q12105 Cotton gloves, large, lightweight $25.00
Q12110 Cotton gloves, small, medium weight $25.00
Q12115 Cotton gloves, large, medium weight $22.10
Q12120 Cotton gloves, large, heavy weight $27.00
Q12125 Cotton gloves, large, heavy weight $30.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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