Cleaning & Safety Supplies

Gloves & Polishing Compounds

Lint-Free Nylon Gloves

These gloves are all made from tricot fabric knit with continuous filament Nylon yarns

Cat # Description Price
Q12150 Nylon Gloves, small $33.40
Q12155 Nylon Gloves, large $31.70
Q12160 Nylon Gloves, extra large $43.00

Latex Gloves

Dispenser box of 100 gloves

Cat # Description Price
Q12175 Latex Gloves, small (100) (powdered) $11.80
Q12176 Latex Gloves, small (100) (not powdered) $15.30
Q12180 Latex Gloves, medium (100) (powdered) $11.80
Q12181 Latex Gloves, medium (100) (not powdered) $15.30
Q12185 Latex Gloves, large (100) (powdered) $11.80
Q12186 Latex Gloves, large (100) (not powdered) $15.30

Vinyl Gloves

Dispenser box of 100 gloves

Cat # Description Price
Q12200 Vinyl Gloves, small (size 6-7) (100) $7.60
Q12205 Vinyl Gloves, medium (size 7.5-8) (100) $7.60
Q12210 Vinyl Gloves, large (size 8.5-9) (100) $12.90
Q12215 Vinyl Gloves, x-large (100) $7.60

Polythylene Gloves

finger cots

Dispenser bag of 100 gloves, one size fits all

Cat # Description Price
Q12225 Polyethylene Gloves (100) $2.10

Finger Cots

finger cots

Latex rubber, lightweight, thickness 0.1-0.2mm, length 65-70mm, 144/box

Cat # Description Price
Q12250 Finger Cots, latex small (144) $3.00
Q12255 Finger Cots, latex medium (144) $3.00
Q12260 Finger Cots, latex large (144) $3.00

Wenol Plus K Polishing Compound

wenol polishing compound

Wenol Plus K is a fine metal polishing compound which is excellent for cleaning exposed metal surfaces. Recommended for brass, silver, copper, chrome, aluminum and nickel. When used on the side of a vacuum system, the residue must be washed off with acetone.

Cat # Description Price
Q12275 Wenol Plus K, 100g tube $16.50

Specialized Cleaning Swabs

cleaning swabs

Large (2" dia.) foam head allows more surface cleaning; super aborbant. 6" wooden applicator.

Cat # Description Price
Q12400 Cougar Swabs, pkg/50 $51.00

In an effort to solve problems of particulate contamination and electrostatic discharge, we offer a range of specialty swabs, all packaged in static-safe poly bags. These swabs are manufactured to rigid specifications, cleaned with Freon ™ based solvent blended and packaged in Class 100 clean room.

Hot Hand® Protector

Hot end pockets for thumb and fingers. 10 x 19cm.

Cat # Description Price
Q12425 Hot HandÆ Protector $60.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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