Embedding Equipment and Supplies

Silicone Rubber Embedding Modes

These molds made from a special silicone rubber, produce flat blocks almost completely trimmed, ready for microtomy. Orientation of specimen material during embedding is easy because the block is flat, and the amount of resin used is small. When hardened, these pre-numbered blocks are easily removed from the mold by flexing it slightly. Flat blocks can be used with most ultramicrotomes.

Rectangular Cavities

Standard Flat Molds

Cat. # Description Price
E10000 Each depression 14(L) x 5(W) x 3(D) mm $22.00
Special Flat Molds




Cat. # Description Price
E10005 Each depression 14(L) x 5(W) x 3(D) mm $24.00
E10010 Each depression 14(L) x 5(W) x 6(D) mm $24.00
E10015 Each depression 11(L) x 5(W) x 3(D) mm $22.00
E10020 Each depression 14(L) x 3.5(W) x 2.4(D) mm, not prenumbered $22.00
Double End Molds

Cat. # Description Price
E10030 Double-tapered depressions make it possible to embed specimens in both ends of each casting. Each pre-numbered depression 14(L) x 5(W) x 3(D) mm. $22.00

Round Cavities




Cat. # Description Price
E10100 10 dia. x 1.8mm (D), 12 numbered depressions $22.00
E10105 12.5 dia. x 2.3mm (D), 9 numbered depressions $22.00
E10110 17.5 dia. x 2mm (D), 5 numbered depressions $24.00

Pyramid-Tip Mold & Plastic Cylinders

Pyramid-Tip Mold

Cat. # Description Price
E10200 Produces Pyramid-Tip Blocks, which are of great assistance where orientation of specimen material is difficult. $19.00
Plastic Cylinders

Cat. # Description Price
E10205 Precisely formed cylinders 13mm (L) x 8mm dia., with smooth top surface ready for mounting of Pyramid-Tip Blocks. 100 cylinders to a package. $69.00

The Original Giammara-Hanker Cast-a-Slide for LM, STEM, TEM and HVEM Cytochemistry

Cat. # Description Price
E10300 Original Giammara-Hanker Cast-a-Slide $22.00

As published by B.L. Giammara and J.S. Hanker (Proc. Ann. EMSA Meeting 40 (1982) 358-9), a silicone rubber mold has been designed with recesses the size and shape of an ordinary microscope slide.

Eight-Faced Embedding Mold

Cat. # Description Price
E10350 Eight-Faced Embedding Mold $54.00

This mold has 36 cavities which each produce an 8-faced embedment. Unlike BEEM-type capsules which melt at 85°C, this mold withstands high-temperature heating of 110°C or more.

Chien Embedding Mold

Cat. # Description Price
E10400 Chien Embedding Mold $36.00

This silicone rubber mold developed by Kai Chien of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center allows single specimen "to be sequentially sectioned either transversely or longitudinally without tissue loss and without the necessity of re-embedding" (K. Chien et al, Proc. Ann. EMSA Meeting 45 (1987) 630-1).

BEEM® Flat Embedding Mold

Cat. # Description Price
E10450 BEEM® Flat Embedding Mold $15.10

Flat polyethylene mold with transparent surfaces, permitting accurate specimen orientation by transmitted light. Produces smooth and polished blocks. BEEM molds are reusable and each mold is shipped in a protective plastic box.

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