Embedding Equipment & Supplies

Silicone Rubber Embedding Molds

Teflon®-Coated Troughs


Cat # Description Price
E10600 Micromoulds 1/Pkg $1.20
E10605 Micromoulds 10/Pkg $14.00
E10610 Micromoulds 50/Pkg $50.00
E10615 Micromoulds 100/Pkg $95.00

Simultaneous production of 10 individually numbered 8mm (internal diameter) capsules. Size 00 pyramid shaped blocks with 1mm tips. Self-supporting.

BEEM® Plastic Capsules

BEEM Plastic capsules save time and labour in the preparation of biological material for ultramicrotomy. The unique shape of the BEEM capsule facilitates specimen orientation, and tissue stays "put" during polymerization in the 1mm square tip. BEEM polyethylene capsules produce a pre-shaped block that requires little or no trimming prior to sectioning. Hinged cap.

BEEMÆ Embedding Capsule 00

Cat. # Description Price
E10700 Pkg/100 $15.00
E10705 Pkg/500 $57.00
E10710 Pkg/1000 $104.00

BEEM® Embedding Capsule 3

Cat. # Description Price
E10725 Pkg/100 $12.50
E10730 Pkg/500 $47.40
E10735 Pkg/1000 $84.80

BEEM® Bottle-Neck and Conical Tip Capsules

bottle-neck, conical tip capsule

Both capsules can be used for embedding either very small or thin elongated pieces of tissue. They are also very suitable for centrifugal packing of whole cells or aliquots of previously centrifuged material. Available only in size 00.


Cat. # Description Price
E10750 Pkg/100 $12.70
E10755 Pkg/500 $48.50
E10760 Pkg/1000 $87.00

Conical Tips

Cat. # Description Price
E10775 Pkg/100 $12.70
E10780 Pkg/500 $48.50
E10785 Pkg/1000 $87.00

BEEM® Capsule Holder

capsule holder
Cat. # Description Price
E10801 BEEM 00 Capsule Holder (6) $124.00
E10800 BEEM 00 Capsule Holder $30.00
E10805 BEEM 3 Capsule Holder $17.30

Designed to hold BEEM capsules upright during filling with plastic. The 22 numbered, non-constricting cavities in each break-resistant holder can be illuminated from below for accurate specimen orientation.

BEEM® Block Holder

block holder
Cat. # Description Price
E10825 BEEM Block Holder $9.20
E10830 BEEM Block Holder Pkg/10 $72.00

Stores up to 10 blocks, cut or uncut. Numbered compartments. Red base and clear cover. Can affix label for identification.

BEEMÆ Capsule Press

capsule press
Cat. # Description Price
E10850 BEEM Capsule Press $504.00
E10855 Adaptor for Size 3 Capsules $385.00

Removes polymerized blocks quickly and safely from BEEM capsules. Eliminates the use of razor blades to cut away the capsule. An adaptor is required for the size 3 capsules.

Gelatin Capsules

Cat. # Description Price
E10900 Size 000, Pkg/100 $12.00
E10905 Size 000, Pkg/1000 $79.00
E10910 Size 00, Pkg/100 $8.00
E10915 Size 00, Pkg/1000 $44.00
E10920 Size 4, Pkg/100 $11.00
E10925 Size 4, Pkg/1000 $57.00

Made from hard colourless gelatin. These capsules are ideal to mold blocks for sectioning. They are UV transparent and are recommended for use with lowicryl resins. Predrying and flushing with dry nitrogen or freon gas before use is advisable. Size 000 is 9.5mm O.D., size 00 is 8.5mm O.D., and size 4 is 5.0mm O.D.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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