EBS Tungsten Filaments

FilamentsFilament assemblies built by EBS are of the highest standards. You can be assured that the assembly, whether standard or custom made, will be of superior design and craftsmanship resulting from the application of the most recent advances in ceramic and metallurgical technologies. The reputation of EBS has been built on creating filament tip styles which are uniquely suited to each application. They enhance electron beam instrument capabilities by providing a minute, intense, coherent beam emission that improves resolution and contrast.

Exclusive Features:

  • Rigid attachment of filament wire to posts, no possibility of waving due to mechanical instability.
  • Minimum tip radius for coherent beam
  • Polished post ends
  • Precise dimensioning
  • Bases can be cleaned and rebuilt many times
  • Better long term economy
  • Available with standard loop, pointed or experimental filaments

Filament Rebuilding Service EBS designed filament bases showing normal wear are guaranteed to be rebuilt for the lifetime of the electron beam instrument. Return the base and it will be rebuilt to meet or exceed original specifications. Filament rebuilding services include: Reconditioning of base, cleaning and/or replacement of necessary parts, mounting of new standard loop or special filament tip, pre-centering, vacuum annealing, microscopic inspection.

EBS Type AR Filament

Filaments The EBS AR tip represents the state of the art in filament technology. This special loop was developed for applications which demand the ultimate in mechanical stability and operating life. Its etched taper loop configuration and unique tip geometry enhance contrast and brightness, even at low kV.

New and Rebuilt EBS Tungsten Filaments

Filaments for AMRAY


Cat # Description Price
A10005 New Filaments (box/10) - AR Loop $482.00
A10010 Rebuilt Filaments-AR Loop $38.00

Filaments for AMRAY 1200, Balscan, Cambridge S-410, Camscan, Electroscan, Siemens


Cat # Description Price
A10020 Rebuilt Filaments-Std. Loop $121.00
A10030 Rebuilt Filaments-AR Loop $142.00

A minimum of 10 filaments are required for rebuilding.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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