Denka Model 1 LaB6 Filaments

The Denka Model 1 Filament is renowned for its superior stability: better than 1% per hour. The filaments tips are mounted between two carbon blocks and indirectly heated. These filaments offer optimum structural stability and chip stability together with substantially longer service life.

Cat # Description Price
A50500 ISI DS-130 SEMs $2,369.60
A50505 Zeiss 940, 950 & 960 SEMs $2,362.10
A50510 Varian Beam Lithography (high purity LaB-6 Filament) $5,517.30

Denka Model 2 LaB6 Filaments

The Denka M-2 tips are mechanically and thermally extremely stable. These filaments are recommended for certain JEOL Auger microscopes and beam lithography instruments.

Cat # Description Price
A50605 JEOL (high purity LaB-6 filament) $6,811.10

Denka Model 7 LaB6 Filaments

Denka now offers an even wider selection of Lab6 filament styles to suit your specific electron beam applications

Leading electron microscope manufacturers, such as JEOL, Cambridge, AMRAY, ElectroScan and ISI, have selected Denka LaB-6 as their preferred high resolution electron beam sources. Now in addition to the Denka Model 3 filament, which is recognized as the standard in the industry for brightness and long life, Denka introduces the new Model 7 filament, which offers unsurpassed stability without sacrificing brightness.

The Model 7 filament is available with any of three standard tip configurations, offering the widest range of choices to the microscopist:

  • Flat Tip: The flat tip (90° cone angle, 20µ tip radius) offers the longest service life, maximum stability and is simplest to use. It is well suited for many industrial applications where highest brightness is not a critical factor.
  • Round Tip: The round tip (90° cone angle, 15µ tip radius) features a balanced combination of high brightness and long life, and is the appropriate choice for most SEM applications.
  • Sharp Tip: The sharp tip (60° cone angle, 10µ tip radius) is recommended for applications requiring the highest brightness. It is particularly effective for X-ray analysis of microscopic areas below 15Å, and for many TEM applications.
Instrument Flat Tip Price Round Tip Price Sharp Tip Price
Cambridge A50700 $1,491.20 A50705 $1,491.20 A50710 $1,994.60
AMRAY A50730 $1,491.20 A50735 $1,491.20 A50740 $1,994.60
Philips A50745 $1,491.20 A50750 $1,491.20 A50755 $1,994.60
Zeiss A50760 $1,491.20 A50765 $1,491.20 A50770 $1,994.60
ISI A50775 $1,491.20 A50780 $1,491.20 A50785 $1,994.60

Denka TFE Type 174


Recommended for use in ISI and AMRAY scanning electron microscopes.

Cat # Description Price
A50950 Thermal Field Emission Cathode Type 174, 17.4MM O.D. x 18.65mm H $4,082.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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