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CAT # O.D. I.D. Height Price
R30100 2.00" 1.64" 2.80" POR
R30101 POR
R30105 3.00" 2.62" 3.90" POR
R30110 4.00" 3.53" 5.90" POR
R30115 5.50" 5.00" 6.00" POR

Protect your materials in a stable, controlled environment with the Vac-U-Storr desiccator. Designed to reach vacuum levels of 10-6 torr, the Vacu-Storr provides a sure and stable means for storage of air-sensitive materials either under vacuum or in a specific gaseous environment. Constructed of pyrex glass, a 6061-T6 Aluminum lid, a Viton Gasket and a teflon shaft sealed metal-metal valve; the Vacu-Storr is available in four convenient sizes.

The Vacu-Storr is superior to the currently available vacuum desiccators or glove boxes, which are constructed of high outgassing rate materials and poor vacuum seal design. Whether you need to maintain calibration standards in a dry vacuum, superconductors in oxygen etc., the Vacu-Storr is a reliable means of safeguarding your materials for long periods of time by providing the ultimate storage environment for your sensitive materials. The projected holding time to 0.1 atmosphere is approximately 5 years.

If you have special requirements (other size containers, special valves, questions about vacuum pumps, etc.) please contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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