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Stainless Steel Vacuum Desiccator

Cat # Description Price
R30525 Stainless steel vacuum desiccator $1,164.00

Large Stainless Steel Vacuum Desiccator

Used for drying or storing photographic film, plates, loaded cameras and cassettes used in TEMs like the Philips EM-400. Made of stainless steel with high special heavy aluminum lid. Dimensions are 15" high x 15" diameter. Has same technical features as the Stainless Steel Vacuum Desiccator. Will accommodate 2 assembled cameras or 4 cassettes from a Philips EM-400. Desiccator shipped complete with silica gel tube, silaca gel and operating instructions.

Cat # Description Price
R30550 Large stainless steel vacuum desiccator $1,629.00

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