Grids With Substrates

Grids with Formvar Substrates

Stabilized by very light coating of evaporated carbon and examined to ensure high quality before shipping. 3.0mm diameter. Packaged individually, sold in lots of 25.

Cat # Mesh/Style Metal Price
D20000 100 Cu $79.00
D20005 100 Ni $87.00
D20010 150 Cu $76.00
D20015 150 Ni $83.00
D20020 200 Cu $76.00
D20025 200 Ni $80.00
D20030 300 Cu $76.00
D20035 300 Ni $80.00
D20040 400 Cu $76.00
D20045 400 Ni $80.00
D20050 Multiple Holes Cu $80.00
D20055 Multiple Holes Ni $88.00
D20060 Multiple Slots Cu $85.00
D20065 Multiple Slots Ni $88.00
D20070 75/300 Cu $89.00
D20075 75/300 Ni $93.00
D20080 100/400 Cu $89.00
D20085 100/400 Ni $93.00
D20090 Index 1 Cu $89.00
D20095 200/London Finder Cu $96.00
D20100 200/London Finder Ni $100.00
D20105 400/London Finder Cu $100.00
D20110 400/London Finder Ni $100.00

Formvar Substrates Ç Single Round Hole

Cat # Hole Diameter Metal Price
D20200 400µ (pkg of 25) Cu $139.00
D20205 400µ (pkg of 25) Ni $143.00
D20210 600µ (pkg of 25) Cu $139.00
D20215 600µ (pkg of 25) Ni $143.00

Other sizes available upon request

Grids with Pure Carbon Substrates

Available on 3mm grids. Packaged and sold individually.

Cat # Mesh/Style Metal Price
D20300 100( pkg of 25) Cu $116.00
D20305 100 (pkg of 25) NI $161.00
D20310 150 (pkg of 25) Cu $116.00
D20315 150 (pkg of 25) Ni $126.00
D20320 200 (pkg of 25) Cu $98.00
D20325 200 (pkg of 25) Ni $119.00
D20330 300 (pkg of 25) Cu $116.00
D20335 (pkg of 25)300 Ni $119.00
D20340 400 (pkg of 25) Cu $116.00
D20341 400 (pkg of 25) $262.00
D20345 400 (pkg of 25) Ni $119.00
D20350 75/300 (pkg of 25) Cu $145.00
D20355 75/300 (pkg of 25) Ni $136.00
D20360 100/400 (pkg of 25) Cu $132.00
D20365 100/400 (pkg of 25) Ni $145.00

Carbon Substrates-Single Round Hole

Cat # Hole Diameter Metal Price
D20370 200µ (pkg of 25) Cu $139.00
D20375 200µ (pkg of 25) Ni $143.00

Silicone Monoxide (SIO) Substrates (25 pervials)

Cat # Mesh Metal Price
D20500 150 Cu $122.00
D20505 150 Ni $122.00
D20510 200 Cu $122.00
D20515 200 Ni $122.00
D20520 300 Cu $122.00
D20525 300 Ni $122.00

Formvar Stabilized with SIO

Cat # Mesh Metal Price
D20600 100 Cu $122.00
D20605 100 Ni $122.00
D20610 200 Cu $122.00
D20615 200 Ni $122.00
D20620 400 Cu $122.00
D20625 400 Ni $122.00


Highest quality screening available with large open area, 0.8 mils thick. Thicker screening may be purchased upon request, but open area will be reduced. Sold in 3" x 3" pieces.

Cat # Mesh Metal % Open Area Price
D20700 100 Cu 64 $234.00
D20705 100 Ni 64 $158.00
D20710 100 Au 64 POR
D20720 100 Al - POR
D20730 200 Cu 53 $234.00
D20735 200 Ni 53 $184.00
D20740 200 Au 53 POR
D20745 300 Cu 42 $234.00
D20750 300 Ni 42 $184.00
D20755 300 Au 42 POR
D20760 400 Cu 36 $258.00
D20765 400 Ni 36 $184.00
D20770 400 Au 36 POR
D20775 500 Cu 32 $258.00
D20780 500 Ni 32 $184.00
D20785 500 Au 32 POR

Grid Storage Box

Holds 50 grids in diamond shaped wells. Compartments widely spaced for ease of use. Clear plastic cover slides easily.

Cat # Description Price
D30000 Grid Storage Box $7.10
D30005 Grids Storage Box, pkg/10 $68.80

Gilder Grid Storage Box

The Gilder Grid Box is intended for use in both routine grid handling and for longÇterm grid storage. Its box and lid are precision injectionÇmolded from antistatic plastics chosen for their smooth sliding action. A central access position in the lid reduces the number of lids exposed when selecting any particular grid. Holds 100 grids.

Cat # Description Price
D30100 Gilder Grid Storage Box $18.40
D30105 Gilder Grid Storage Box, pkg/10 $222.90
D30110 Numbered Gilder Grid Box $26.00
D30112 Numbered Gilder Grid Box (10) $241.00
D30115 Numbered Gilder Grid Box W/CARD POR
D30117 Numbered Gilder Grid Box W/CARD (10) POR

TEM Specimen Grid Storage Boxes


TEM specimen grid holder


Holds 50 grids. Plastic cover rotates. Individual box number is never repeated. Storage boxes designed to be stacked.

Size: 75mm(L) x 65mm(W) x 6.5mm(D)
Weight: 22 grams
Materials: Base: ABS-PHAT (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene+ Anti Static Additive) Clear Cover: CAB (Cellulose Acetal Butyrate)
Cat # Description Price
D30120 TEM Specimen grid storage boxes $24.00
D30125 TEM Specimen grid storage boxes Pkg/10 $216.50
D30150 Dial-a-Grid Holder $8.50
D30155 Dial-a-Grid HolderPkg/10 $65.00
D30200 Dial-a-Grid & Block Holder $8.40
D30205 Dial-a-Grid & Block Holder Pkg/10 $64.50

Grid Holder Pad

70mm diameter round silicone rubber grid holder pad for staining, transporting or temporary storage of gridÇmounted sections. 16 nµmbered squares for easy grid identification. Handy, vertical tab used to lift grid holder pad into or out of petri dish.

Cat # Description Price
D30250 Grid Holder Pad $20.00

Spot Plate

Excellent for postÇstaining sections on grids:

For colour reactions, staining, specimen preparation, replica washing.

White glazed porcelain, 116mm x 86mm overall size.

12 cavities, each approximately 7mm deep.

Cat # Description Price
D30300 Spot Plate $130.00

Thin Film Coating Stand

A stand with 49 recessed holes suitable for 3.05mm grids. A groove carefully machined to the right depth allows safe and easy access for tweezer manipulation of the grids. Standing on three integral feet, it is easily placed in a low glass dish to allow thin collodion or formvar films to be lowered onto the grids by siphoning of the water. The coated grids can then be transferred to the coating unit.

Cat # Description Price
D30400 Thin Film Coating Stand POR

Replicating Kit and Solutions

Cat # Description Price
D40350 Ethylene Dichloride 120 ml $63.00
D40500 Replicating Kit $109.00
D40550 Replicating Solution 50ml $61.00

Replicating Tape

Cat # Description Price
D40600 15' x .75" x 5 mils thick, in dispenser. $54.00
D40605 15' x 1.5" x 5 mils thick, in dispenser. $73.00
D40610 45" x 1.5" x 2 mils thick, in dispenser. $49.00

Cellulose Acetate

Cat # Description Price
D40650 Cellulose Acetate .0014" thick (60) $189.00
D40655 Cellulose Acetate .0030" thick (12) $58.00

Standard Loop

Made of stainless steel. Specially formed for conveniently lifting specimen grids with film from a water surface for placement on Standard Peg Drier.

Cat # Description Price
D40700 Polystyrene Pellets $29.00
D40750 Standard Loop $60.00

Thin Loop

10 mil nichrome wire in hexagonal alµminµm handle. Proportioned to enter microtome boats easily to lift microtomed sections from bath. Fits easily over pegs of Special Specimen Peg Drier supporting grids. Allows desired orientation of section on grid.

Cat # Description Price
D40800 Thin Loop $67.00
D40805 Protective Stand made of high impact plastic with neoprene foam base to provide stability. Prevents damage to the tip $31.00

SynapTek Grid Stick Kit

A 4.8mm wide x 65mm long grid stick is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive to hold grids in place during staining, carbon coating, shadowing and emulsion coating. Metal alloy stick and adhesive are resistant to common organic solvents and stains. Grid removal is facilitated by undercut notches along one side of stick. Grid sticks fit into standard Pasteur pipettes. Stick position within pipette allows for smooth flow of solution over grids, minimizing breakage of formvar films and collection of surface debris. Includes 5 grid sticks, 10 Pasteur pipettes and 2 rubber bulbs with flow limiting plugs.

Cat # Description                         Price
D40900 Synaptek Grid Stick Kit                        $101.00

Vacuum Tweezer

Designed to pick up lightweight, delicate objects without damaging them. Tip angle can be easily adjusted. Supplied with tip, Vacuum tubing and pump.

Cat # Description Price
D40925 Vacuum Tweezer $210.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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