Light Microscopy Supplies & Optical Aids

Plastic Cover Slips

plastic cover slips

Unbreakable 0.157mm flexible cellulose acetate, each tissue interleaved. Sold in boxes of 1000.

Cat # Description Price
O10900 Plastic Cover Slips, 22x22mm $59.70

Automatic Slide Dispenser

automatic slide dispenser

Holds approximately 72 slides (25x75mm), depending on thickness. Turning the knob on either side dispenses slides one at a time.

Cat # Description Price
010925 Automatic Slide Dispenser $53.60

Glascribe® Pen

glassscribe pen

The Glascribe® pen, with a retractable tungsten carbide tip, lets you scribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic.

Cat # Description Price
O10950 GlascribeÆ pen $30.70

Slide Holder

slide holder

Keep microscope slides separated, visible and orderly with this vacuum-formed, 12 place slide holder. Slides project over edge of rack for easy handling. Pkg/6

Cat # Description Price
010975 Slide Holder $43.90

Slide Holder Strip

slide holder strip

Durable plastic holder with sloping groove which accepts single or double slides. The strip has a front ledge which serves as a support for slides left to dry. 25cm L x 5cm W x 3cm H.

Cat. # Description Price
011225 Slide Holder Strip $11.10

Coplin Staining Jar

slide holder strip

A high-density polyethylene, unbreakable, tapered square jar with a domed, shallow-thread screw cap. Internal grooves hold up to 10 standard 25x75mm slides back to back. 59mm dia. base. 114mm high.

Cat. # Description Price
011250 Coplin Staining Jar $8.90

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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