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Steinheil Pocket Magnifiers

steinheil pocket magnifiers

Size: 39 x 24 x 22mm

Cat # Magnification Effective Aperture Price
O31600 7x Flashlight 36mm x 58 x 175 $182.00
O31625 10x Flashlight 47mm x 45x 185 $197.00
O31650 7x 16mm $100.00
031655 10x 15.5mm -
031660 14x 12mm $127.90
031665 20x 7mm $127.90

These pocket magnifiers have a sliding frame of black plastic that covers and protects both lens surfaces from dust and mechanical damage. The frame also acts as a gripping handle when in use. They are composed of bi-convex lens with strong curvatures of crown glass and 2 negative meniscus lenses of flint glass.

Fixed Focus Magnifiers

fixed focus magnifiers
Cat # Description Price
031700 Magnifier 5x -
O31705 Magnifier 10x $60.00
O31720 Measuring Magnifier 30x $110.00

A series of simple magnifiers, very handy for EM, microelectronics, and other purposes where an inexpensive, yet satisfactory, magnifier is required. A plastic tube allows light to enter from the outside, helping to illuminate the subject. No focal adjustment is required; simply set the fixed focus magnifier on the object. As magnification is increased, the optical complexity increases. The 15x model has 3 elements, while the 22x model has a 3-component 4-element construction. The 30x magnifier has excellent optical correction almost comparable to that of a compound microscope. The image is erect and one can hold the object in one hand while in the other viewing with the magnifier.

Parasite Magnifier

parasite magnifier
Cat # Description Price
031750 Parasite Magnifier $86.00

A parasite 20mm lens is cemented on the main 75mm diameter lens (2.5x); the compound magnification is 5x. Diameter: 80mm. Length: 170mm.

Mini Comparator 7x

mini comparator 7x
Cat # Description
031775 Mini Comparator 7x

Economical measuring magnifier, lightweight and convenient to carry. Doublet-type achromatic lens possessing sharp and clear resolving power. Focusing screw, photoengraved scale. Diameter: 29mm. Height: 46mm.

Pocket Microscopes

pocket microscopes
Cat No. Mag. Field of View Price
031800 25x 3.30mm -
031805 50x 2.00mm $102.00
031810 75x 1.09mm $125.60
031815 100x 0.084mm -

This Pocket Microscope has sharp resolving power throughout it's field of view, yet is designed to give a bright image. It is lightweight. To focus, hold it so that the notch at the tip of the plastic cylinder faces you. Then place the center of the lens directly above the specimen and tilt the cylinder back and forth until the sharpest image is perceived. Four magnifications are offered. Size 12.4mm diameter x 127mm.

Pocket Measuring Microscope

Identical to the Pocket Microscope described above, except that this model has a built-in scale. The 25x model has a measuring scale of 1.60mm with 0.02mm divisions. The 50x model has a measuring scale of 3.000mm with 0.05mm divisions. Refer to specifications above.

Cat # Description
031825 Pocket Measuring Microscope 25x
031830 Pocket Measuring Microscope 50x

Peak Shop Microscope

peak shop microscope
Cat # 031850 POR 031855 POR 031860 POR 031865 POR
Magnification 20x 40x 60x 100x
Min. Scale Division 0.05mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.01mm
Field of View 7.2mmø 3.8mmø 2.2mmø 1.8mmø
Measuring Range 6.0mm 3.4mm 1.6mm 1.2mm
Case 222 x 145 x 95 mm  

Built-in precision scales (details below), lightweight, small size and easy to use with a rack and pinion focusing mechanism. A penlight makes it possible to use the shop microscope in darkened areas. The opening at the base makes it possible to introduce not only the penlight but also other objects.

In use, the fixed scale is first focused by rotation of the eyepiece. After this is done, final focusing of the sample is carried out with the focusing wheel of the rack and pinion mechanism.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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