Photographic Equipment and Supplies

Glassine Envelopes For Photo And Negative Storage

Acid free, archival quality, glassine envelopes are available in 4 sizes, plain or printed. They are sealed at one end, have the seam down the side and are also thumb-cut.

Cat # Description Price
M20400 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 3.1/4" x 4", pkg/100 -
M20405 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 3.1/4" x 4", pkg/1000 -
M20410 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 4" x 5", pkg/100 -
M20415 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 4" x 5", pkg/1000 -
M20420 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 6.5" x 9", pkg/1000 -
M20425 Plain Glassine Envelopes, 7" x 7", pkg/1000 -

Printed envelopes available upon request

Acetate Sleeves

Cat # Description Price
M20450 3.1/4" x 4" Acetate Sleeves, pkg/100 -
M20455 4" x 5" Acetate Sleeves, pkg/100 -

For filing complete rolls of 36 exposures of 35mm film. The Nega-Tube includes the outside manila envelope and 6 highly transparent 1.7/8" x 9" acetate sleeves (open at both ends) or glassine envelopes. The sleeves are equipped with a white strip along the top for writing and easy identification of each exposure.

Cat # Description Price
M20475 Nega-Tube, Glassine Envelopes, pkg/20 -
M20480 Nega-Tube, Acetate Sleeves, pkg/20 -
M20500 Printed Manila, pockets only, pkg/100 -

Polyview Pages for Negative or Film Storage

Archival quality polyethylene storage sheets for E.M. film sizes, with three holes for storage in standard 3-ring binders. The clarity is so good that contact prints can be made without removing negatives from polyethylene pages. Available for 3.1/4" x 4" (6/page), 4"x 5" (4/page), 35mm slides (20/page), 35mm film strips (6 rows of 6 negatives) and 8" x 10" (1/page).

Cat # Description Price
M20525 3.1/4" x 4", pkg/25 $21.60
M20530 3.1/4" x 4", pkg/100 $71.80
M20535 3.1/4" x 4", pkg/500 $359.10
M20540 4" x 5",pkg/25 -
M20545 4" x 5", pkg/100 -
M20550 4" x 5", pkg/500 -
M20555 35mm slides, pkg/25 -
M20560 35mm slides, pkg/100 -
M20565 35mm slides, pkg/500 -
M20570 35mm slides strips, pkg/25 -
M20575 35mm slides strips, pkg/100 -
M20580 35mm slides strips, pkg/500 -
M20585 8" x 10", pkg/25 -
M20590 8" x 10", pkg/100 -
M20595 8" x10", pkg/500 -

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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