SEM Accessories

KE Infrared Chamberscope

The Infrared Chamberscope (IRCS) provides a continous view of the specimen and interior of the specimen chamber on a standard television monitor. A video camera with infrared illumination allows a clear view of the sample, stage, and chamber inside simultanously with the secondary image from either a conventional E-T detector or microchannel plate.

IRCS Benefits

  • Orient speciment to best advantage for SEM imaging by various detectors
  • Locate desired speciment when serveral speciments are mounted on a single stub
  • Avoid damage of the object lens X-Ray or Backscattered Electron Detectors, or the specimen itself especially when observing large or awkward specimens.
I50000 Infrared Chamberscope

KE Type 38A Microchannel Plate Electron Detector

As the advantages of low kV microscopy becomes more apparent, a detector that can achieve maximum instrument resolution in both backscattered and secondary imaging modes accross the entire beam energy spectrum is a necessity. The Microchannel Plate admirably fulfills htis crucial need. The capacity of the channel plate has been well known for two decades in demanding beam lithography applications. Now, KE brings this powerful detector to the research and analytical microscope.

Standard with retractable mounting, the MCP is also available with a motorized mount for added convenience of operation. Also available with a detector suitable for ultra high vacuum environments.

Type 31 Specimen Current Amplifier

The KE Type 31 Specimen Current Amplifier, especially designed fro SEM work, features both JFET and bipolar imput amplifiers for operating flexibility. Excellent results are achieved by the high bandwidth video system capable of realtime imaging (TV) of induced current effects in solid state devices. The Type 31 may also have operated in conventional slow record or measurement modes for low noise images and accurate measurement of absorbed current when quantative determinations are necessary. TheType 31 permits floating the specimen to ±5 volts permitting biased operation of devices under study.

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