SEM Supplies

Aluminum Cylinder Type

Cat # Description Price
C10420 Same, pkg/100 $232.00
C10425 Same, pkg/500 $1,141.00

Cat # Description Price
C10431 32x10 mm Pkg/50 $146.10
C10435 Same, Pkg/100 $230.00
C10440 Same, Pkg/50 $560.00
C10440 Same, Pkg/250 $580.00

Cat # Description Price
C10450 Same, pkg/100 $399.00
C10455 Same, pkg/250 $1,008.00

Cat # Description Price
C10460 MAC. 12.7mm dia. x 12.7mm high. Pkg /50 $33.00
C10465 Same, pkg/100 $66.00
C10470 Same, pkg/250 $292.00

Aluminum Cylinder Type Angled

Cat # Description Price
C10500 ISI. 15mm dia. x 15mm high with 45° angle. Pkg /50 $26.00
C10505 Same, pkg/144 $207.00
C10530 Same, pkg/144 $221.00

Cat # Description Price
C10515 ISI. 15mm dia. x 10mm high with 45° angle. Pkg /50 $156.20
C10520 Same, pkg/100 $307.40
C10540 Same, pkg/100 $220.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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