SEM Supplies

Planchet Holders

Threaded ring anchors planchet to top of specimen mount.

Cat. # Description Price
C10800 Holds 12.7mm diameter planchet. 3.2mm pin. For planchets up to 1.6mm thick. $359.50
C10805 Holds 25.4mm diameter planchet. 3.2mm pin. For planchets up to 2.4mm thick. $302.10

Pure Carbon SEM Planchets

Cat. # Description Price
C10810 Carbon Planchet. 12.7mm O.D. x 1.6mm H. Pkg/20 $25.00
C10815 Same, pkg/100 $112.00
C10820 Same, pkg/300 $325.00

Cat. # Description Price
C10825 Carbon Planchet. 25.4mm O.D. x 1.6mm H. Pkg/20 $44.00
C10830 Same, pkg/100 $163.00
C10835 Same, pkg/300 $477.00

Sample Preparation Base

Aluminum base, clear anodized finish, counterbored to hold bottle of carbon or silver paint. Rim is bored to hold 10 standard specimen mounts and engraved 1 through 10 for methodical specimen preparation. Specify SEM make, model and mount.

Cat. # Description Price
C11000 Sample Preparation Base $148.00
C11005 Transparent Plastic Cover. $153.00

SEM Carbon Foils

A new technology provides many of the advantages of carbon SEM specimen mounts while retaining the durability, convenience and economy of standard aluminum stubs. These carbon-coated mounts tremendously reduce X-ray characteristic line background, to 0.002 - 0.004 of that of uncoated aluminum stubs. The coating itself is strong, adherent, hydrophilic, chemically inert and electrically conductive. It can withstand light rubbing, and sonification in water, methanol or acetone, thereby retaining the ease of handling associated with aluminum mounts.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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