SEM Supplies

Specimen Mount Storage Box for JEOL

Holds four 10mm x 10mm mounts.

Cat # Description Price
C12070 Specimen Mount Storage Box for 10 x 10mm mounts. Pkg/10 $27.40
C12075 Same, Pkg/50 $125.80
C12080 Same, Pkg/100 $234.80

Holds four 12.5mm x 12.5mm mounts.

Cat # Description Price
C12085 Specimen Mount Storage Box for 12.5 x 12.5mm mounts. Pkg/10 $35.70
C12090 Same, Pkg/50 $168.60
C12095 Same, Pkg/100 $317.30

Specimen Mount Tweezers

Cat # Description Price
C12100 Specimen Mount Tweezers, minimum gripping diameter 3.2mm $50.70
C12105 Specimen Mount Tweezers, minimum gripping diameter 6.4mm $50.70
C12110 Specimen Mount Tweezers, minimum gripping diameter 12.7mm $51.10

Mount Gripping Tweezers for SEM

Taking into consideration the wide range of styles and configurations of SEM specimen mounts available for different instruments, EBS has developed a selection of mount gripping tweezers so that you can choose just the right tool for the particular mount you are using. This design allows you to hold the gripper at the same angle as your favorite tweezer, and comfortably and easily manipulate your SEM stubs.

Cat # Description Price
C12300 For Cambridge mounts; 12.7mm head,, 3.2mm pin $36.00
C12305 For JEOL mounts; 10mm O.D $36.00
C12315 For ISI mounts; 15mm O.D $36.00

Specimen Mount Forceps

Cat # Description Price
C12200 For handling Cambridge, Cameca, ETEC, Philips, Zeiss, Hitachi HHS-2R, JEOL, etc. Minimum gripping diameter 9.5mm. $51.00

Specimen Mount Handling Tool

A simple robust tool designed to fit Cambridge 1/8" type stubs. Suitably angled to allow convenient handling of the stubs. The beryllium copper prongs allow a firm grip to be repetitively achieved without loss of spring tension.

Cat # Description Price
C12400 Specimen Mount Handling Tool $33.90

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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