SEM Supplies

Specialized Specimen Holders & Tools For Scanning Electron Microscopy

SEM Stub Adaptor

1/8 pin stub adaptor to allow 32mm re-entry dish type stubs to be used on a 1/8 stage.

Cat # Description Price
C20000 SEM Stub Adaptor POR

Carousel Holders

Multiple sample holders designed for rapid sample examination. Ball detent mounting mechanism: no set screws required. Available for 4 or 8 mounts.

Cat # Description Price
C20010 Carousel Holder for 8 Mounts. Holds eight 3.2mm pin mounts, 50.8mm overall diameter; holes engraved 1 through 8 POR

Mini - Vise

Will accommodate samples up to 19mm.

Cat # Description Price
C20020 Mini - Vise $701.20

Specimen Micro-Vise

A simple and elegant tool for holding odd sized and difficult to mount specimens, the Specimen Micro-Vise requires no conductive adhesive. The jaws are 25.4mm diameter and open to a maximum width of 11.1mm. The Micro-Vise is supplied on a standard 3.2mm pin.

Cat # Description Price
C20090 Specimen Micro-Vise $866.50

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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