SEM Supplies

Tapes & Conductives For Electron Microscopy

3M Tapes for Electron Microscopy

Double Coated Tapes

sem double coated tape

A UPVC film, coated on both sides with long-aging, acrylic adhesives. Available without a liner in 9.5mm or 19mm widths, or with a liner in 19mm width only. Core is 76mm. Length of 32.9m.

Cat # Description Price
C40000 Double -Coated Tape, 9.5mm wide - no liner $20.00
C40005 Double -Coated Tape, 19mm wide - no liner $18.00
C40010 Double -Coated Tape with Liner, 19mm wide $19.00

Conductive Tapes for SEM

sem conductive tape

Aluminum and copper conductive tapes for SEM applications. 76mm core.

Cat # Description Price
C40015 Aluminum Tape, 6.3mm W $34.00
C40020 Aluminum Tape, 12.7mm W $44.00
C40025 Copper Tape, 6.3mm W $24.00
C40030 Copper Tape, 12.7mm W $42.00
C40031 Double Copper Tape, 12.7mm W $74.00
C40033 Copper Tape, 25.4mm W $79.00

Adhesive Transfer Tape

adhesive transfer tape

Acrylic adhesive on a silicone-coated paper liner. Transfers from the liner onto most smooth surfaces (e.g. the surface of an aluminum SEM specimen mount). 12.7mm width, 76mm core.

Cat # Description Price
C40035 Adhesive Transfer Tape $29.00

Double-Sided, Conductive Adhesives in Carbon and Silver

Double-Sided Tape

Specially developed for attaching samples to be examined by SEM or EDS. Use silver, with its higher conductivity, for straight SEM work. Use carbon for EDS work where it is important to eliminate the x-rays from the substrate.

Cat # Description Price
C40040 Carbon Conductive Adhesive Sheets. 5mm x 12mm, 0.16mm thick, 10 sheets per box. $160.20
C40045 Carbon Conductive Adhesive Tape. 8mm wide, 0.16mm thick, 20m long. $50.00
C40046 Carbon Conductive Adhesive Tape.  12mm wide, 0.16mm thick 20m long. $78.00
C40047 Carbon Conductive Adhesive Tape.  25mm wide,  0.16mm thick, 20m long. $99.20
C40048 Carbon Conductive Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets. 50mm wide, 0.16mm thick, 20 m long. $210.00
C40050 Silver Conductive Adhesive Sheets. 5mm x 12mm, 0.13mm thick, 5 sheets per box. $414.70

Dotite® Silver Paint Extender

Dotite Silver Paint
Cat # Description Price
C40060 Dotite Silver paint Extender, 100ml $46.00

Conductive Silver Pen

conductive silver pen

Designed for making instant conductive silver traces, the specially formulated silver-bearing thermoplastic polymer dries in minutes at room temperature. valved pen tip allows smooth flow with normal writing pressure and is spring loaded to prevent clogging. This pen is ideal for adhering samples to SEM stubs.

Cat # Description Price
C40110 Conductive Silver Pen $43.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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