Specimen Preperation Equipment


Vibratome Æ Series 1000 Plus

From fresh tissue to slide in minutes without freezing or embedding.

No freezing or embedding to change the characteristics of specimens before further examination. The Vibratome Series 1000 sections fresh tissue with exacting precision in a fluid bath with a vibrating blade. It cuts fresh or fixed human, animal, and plant tissue evenly without distortion.

  • Enzyme Histochemistry
  • Tissue Pathology
  • Autoradiography
  • Water Soluble Compounds
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Botanical Studies

Chose Vibratome for ease of use and quality sections.

  • Superior Cutting Action: Reduced ridging on specimen surface, low minimum section cutting capability.
  • Quiet Operation: Reduced noise emission, isolation of noise sources within the instrument.
  • Simple to Operate: Semi-automatic, integrated electrical controls. Vibratory slide advances at selected speed, self-retracts.
  • Precision Adjustments: Click stops provided at 10 micron intervals for consistent section thickness control.
  • Specimen Holding Vise Security: Tilting capacity provided on one axis. Height adjustments easily made.
  • Stable Blade Holder: Angle indication in blade holder. Stable clamping insures unintentional setting change.
  • Cool Lamp Magnifier: Fluorescent lamp minimizes heating effect. Shadow-free illumination.
  • Vibrating blade sections delicate fresh tissue quickly and evenly without distortion or specimen change: Generally, uniform fresh tissue sections can be cut from 20 microns up, although thinner sections may be realized depending on the type of tissue involved and operator technique.
Cat # Description Price
G60000 VibratomeÆ Series 1000 -

Vibratome 1500 & 3000

The superior fresh tissue sectioning system expanded and enhanced with...
  • Specimen bath refrigeration
  • Automatic sectioning repetition
  • Motorized digital control of section thickness

(All Series 1000 instruments can be retrofitted to the Series 2000 status) Vibratome 2000 offers a wider range of capabilities plus greater precision.

The closed-loop built-in circulating refrigerated bath has a temperature range from ambient down to any chosen temperature above the freezing point of the bath fluid.

Uniform fresh tissue sections can be cut to any thickness desired, not restricted to 10 micron increments.

  • Run mode: This takes the labour intensity out of specimen height control which, with this instrument, is now done at the push of a button.
  • Single-cut mode: The desired section thickness is programmed into the instrument and the stage will be moved to that thickness increment. On the operator's command a single section will be cut.
  • Serial sectioning mode: The instrument will raise the stage by the pre-selected increment, cut a section, and automatically repeat this procedure until instructed by the operator to stop.
  • Step function: With this additional feature, the operator can manually step up any increment in 1/2 micron steps with the push of a button.

Reproducibility and accuracy of the instrument in all functions is 1 micron.

Cat # Description Price
G60250 VibratomeÆ Series 3000 Deluxe -

The Complete Vibratome

Accessory Kit from EBS

The complete VibratomeÆ Accessory Kit was designed with the user in mind. The various items are contained in a custom-made, black-anodized aluminum bases which allows the entire kit to be kept at a constant temperature for optimum cutting. Individual components can all be reordered and easily replaced.

The Complete VibratomeÆ Accessories Kit contains:

  • 1 bottle (1/3 oz.) of VibratomeÆ Specimen Adhesive
  • 2 borosilicate glass vials with lined screw-caps (designed for sterilization and storage at low temperatures), 4ml capacity
  • 1 specimen vial with plastic snap cap, 16ml capacity, for storage of larger specimens
  • 1 EBS "V-Block" adapter for holding special specimen mounts in the VibratomeÆ vise.
  • 6 special specimen mounts with 1/2" round surfaces for easy rotation larger specimens
  • 1 gripping tweezer for handling round specimen mounts
  • 6 double-end wooden spatulas for handling specimens after cutting

  • 1 package of 20 VibratomeÆ Razor Blades
  • 1 aluminum spacer, for raising the height of the VibratomeÆ block, 3.1/8 x 1/2" x 3/4"
  • 3 aluminum spacers, for raising the height of the VibratomeÆ block, 1/16" x 1/2" x 3/4"

Accessory Kit Components:

Cat # Description Price
G60555 Specimen Storage Vial, with snap cap, 16ml, case/144 -
G60560 V-Block Adapter for VibratomeÆ $79.00
G60565 Specimen Mounts, with 1/2" surface, pkg/50 $34.00
G60570 Specimen Mounts, with 1" surface, pkg/50 -
G60575 Mount Gripping Tweezers $34.00
G60580 Double-end Wooden Specimen Spatula -
G60585 Aluminum Spacer, 3/8" thick, pkg/10 -
G60590 Aluminum Spacer 1/16" thick, pkg/10 $5.30

VibratomeÆ 8000 Sliding Microtome

The 8000 retracting base sliding microtome offers the ultimate in versatility combined with strength, accuracy, reliability and, not least, safety. Designed to meet the needs of the routine histology laboratory, the 8000 will also meet the more demanding requirements of the specialised unit where its versatility and wide range of accessories will guarantee that it becomes the first choice of the professional base sledge user. The 8000 microtome is well suited to cutting a wide range of materials including bone, plastics, resins and wood as well as large area soft tissues and is the first of its kind to incorporate retraction on the return stroke.

Standard Accessories;
- 0-40 micron feed screw
- manual gross advance/rewind facility
- angled titled knife holder with indicator plate
- full width intergral knife guards
- standard vice
- fixed adaptor
- Standard accessorie kit which include knife cleaning brush, set of four Allen keys, microtome oil and an operating manual.
Cat # Description Price
G60320 VibratomeÆ 8000 Sliding Microtome -

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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