Specimen Preperation Equipment


Improved Tightening Screw for Vibratome®Specimen Mounting Blocks

A screw with gripping holes in its head replaces the thumbwheel in the Vibratome® bath allowing you to tighten the specimen block from a distance with a simple stainless steel tool.

Cat # Description Price
G60625 Improved Tightening Screw for Vibratome Specimen Mounting Blocks $125.90

Specimen Block Holder Vise

The superior fresh tissue sectioning system expanded and enhanced with...

The handy devise lifts to allow access to the tightening screw and specimen block above the liquid level in the Vibratome® bath.

Cat # Description Price
G60640 Specimen Block Holder Vise $428.20

Glass Knife Adapter for Vibratome®

The glass knife adapter allows you to routinely cut 20µ sections of fresh tissue and even thinner sections for fixed tissue. Simply replace the standard Vibratome® razor blade holder with the glass knife adapter and use ordinary 1" wide glass knives. The knives are held in place by nylon screws. The entire assembly is black anodized aluminum.

Cat # Description Price
G60655 Glass Knife Adapter for Vibratome $416.70

Sapphire Blade for the Vibratome®

Developed by EBS, this sapphire microtomy knife makes it possible for the first time to cut thin Vibratome® sections with resolution similar to that obtained with thick (1µ) plastic sections. The sapphire blade allows routine serial sectioning with a Vibratome® 1000 of thickness in the 6-10µ range, revealing subcellular features never before seen in Vibratome® sections. With a Vibratome® 2000, sections of mildly fixed tissue as thin as 2µ may be obtained. The sapphire knife can be resharpened.

Cat # Description Price
G60670 Sapphire Blade for the Vibratome $1,322.50

Glass Specimen Retriever for Vibratome®

This is the perfect tool for retrieving free floating Vibratome® sections from the bath.

Cat # Description Price
G60685 Glass Specimen Retriever for Vibratome $93.00

Vibratome® Tissue Adhesive

Quick setting cyanoacrylate adhesive. Makes high strength bonds in 10 to 60 seconds at room temperature. 1/3oz.

Cat # Description Price
G60700 Vibratome Tissue Adhesive NA

Razor Blades for Vibratome®

Single-edge, stainless steel, Teflon® coated, injector-packed.

Cat # Description Price
G60715 Razor Blades for Vibratome $4.90

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