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Surgical Instruments

AlcarbTM Brand Scissors

  • ALCARBTM Brand Scissors have special tungsten carbide cutting edges permanently inlaid into stainless steel. Since tungsten carbide is one of the hardest and strongest alloys known, the ALCARB cutting edge seldom needs sharpening.
  • ALCARBTM Scissors have gold plated rings for easy identification.
  • ALCARBTM tungsten carbide scissors are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship.

Operating Scissors T-C

Surgical Instruments: Operating Scissors
Cat # Description Price
P60100 Straight, blunt/blunt, 5.1/2" $93.20
P60105 Straight, sharp/blunt, 5.1/2" $93.20
P60110 Straight, sharp/sharp, 5.1/2" $93.20
P60115 Curved, blunt/blunt, 5.1/2" $98.80
P60120 Curved, sharp/blunt, 5.1/2" $98.80
P60125 Curved, sharp/sharp, 5.1/2" $98.80
Surgical Instruments: Operating Scissors
Cat # Description Price
P60200 Metzenbaum scissors, straight, 5.1/2" $86.20
P60205 Metzenbaum scissors, straight, 7" $91.80
P60210 Metzenbaum scissors, straight, 8" $159.00
P60215 Metzenbaum scissors, curved, 5.1/2" $91.80
P60220 Metzenbaum scissors, curved, 7" $98.80
P60225 Metzenbaum scissors, curved, 8" $185.60

Iris Scissors T-C

Surgical Instruments: Iris Scissors T-C
Cat # Description Price
P60300 Iris scissors, straight, 4.1/2" $80.60
P60305 Iris scissors, curved, 4.1/2" $86.20


Surgical Instruments: Probes
Cat # Description Price
P70100 Probe, blunt, slender pattern, 6" $2.30
P70110 Probe, sharp, 6" $2.30
P70115 Probe, sharp and hook end, 6", chrome $3.90
Surgical Instruments: Metal Needle
Cat # Description Price
P70125 Metal needle holder with straight needle $2.90
P70130 Metal needle holder with angled needle $2.90
P70135 Straight needle only, pkg/10 $5.50
P70140 Angled needle only, pkg/10 $5.50

Cases for Surgical Instruments

Case for Surgical Equipment
Cat # Description Price
P70300 Case only, single, plastic, black with 5 loops $3.70
Surgical Equipment: Cases
Cat # Description Price
P70325 Case only, double, plastic, black with 10 loops $4.20
P70350 Case only, plastic box $4.20
Surgical Equipment: Surgical cases
Cat # Description Price
P70375 Case only, canvas roll with 12 loops $4.70

Surgical Instrument Display Case

  • An attractive felt lined zippered carrying case, which when closed safely stores the instruments
  • Portable and convenient, easily fits into briefcase
  • Made from top grain vinyl leatherette
Surgical Equipment: Medical Case
Cat # Description Price
P70400 Surgical instrument display case $4.80

General Laboratory Tools

Jeweler's Saw

Especially useful for accurate trimming of large embedding blocks, as well as for many other laboratory uses.

Jeweler's Saw
Cat # Description Price
P70500 Jeweler's Saw $39.00
P70505 Replacement Blades, pkg/10 $35.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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