Ultramicrotomy/Cryo Equipment & Supplies

Glass Knife Storage Box

Protect the critical edge of ten glass knives. Slotted elastomeric base features numbered grooves which firmly grip 6mm thick standard knives made from 25mm x 25mm blanks.

Cat # Description Price
F20800 Glass Knife Storage Box $41.00
F20805 Same, pkg/10 $152.30

Silver Tape for Ultramicrotomy

One mil (.025mm) silver metalized polyester tape with paper liner and acrylic adhesive for making glass knife boats. 66 meters roll, 9.5mm (3.1/8") wide on a 76mm (3") core.

Cat # Description Price
F20850 Silver Tape $72.00
F20855 Silver Tape 1/2 $83.00

Glass Knife Scoring Jig

Cat # Description Price
F20925 Glass knife scoring jig $110.00

Red Sable Brush

For cleaning surface of liquid in microtome boat. First quality sable, very resilient. Pack of three.

Cat # Description Price
F20825 Red Sable Brush (3) $33.00

Glass Breaking Pliers

Cat # Description Price
F20875 Heavy duty glass-breaking pliers. $73.00

Glass Cutter

Cat # Description Price
F20900 Tungsten glass cutter. $22.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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