LD Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

The LD Series of Cryogenic Dewars is designed for storing and dispensing small quantities of liquid nitrogen. Six different models provide capacities to fit a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.

  • High Performance - Modern materials and advanced insulation system design are combined to provide a line of dewars with high thermal efficiency.
  • Rugged, Dependable - Construction details such as a ribbed body of high strength aluminum, a tough paint system, and rugged necktube design make these units exceptionally durable.
Cat # Model OverallHeight(cm) OverallDiameter(cm) NeckDiameter(cm) Capacitylitres EvaporationRate(liters/day) Price
F30500 4LD 42.4 19.4 3 4 0.4 $675.00
F30505 5LD 44.5 19.4 14.2 5 0.77 $724.00
F30510 10LD 53.3 28.9 5.1 10 0.22 $984.00
F30515 25LD 65.3 39.7 6.4 25 0.23 $1,335.00
F30520 35LD 65.1 47.6 6.4 35 0.32 $1450.00
F30525 50LD 82.8 47.6 6.4 50 0.41 -

Accessories for LD Series Dewars

Please specify Dewar model when ordering

Cat # Description
F30550 Roller Base with ball-bearing swivel casters to provide convenience and portability
F30555 Liquid Nitrogen Dipper for dispensing small quantities of liquid nitrogen
F30560 Liquid Withdrawal Device for convenient pressure-transfer of liquid. This accessory contains the appropriate relief devices
F30565 Core and Cap (Spare)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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