Ultrmicrotomy/Cryo Equipment & Supplies

Locator™ Storage Vessels

  • Locator systems are available in three sizes to fit the needs of almost every research laboratory.
  • The Locator inventory system allows for complete tracking and easy retrieval of each individual sample being stored.
  • Unbeatable temperature uniformity ensures that all samples are below -190∞C, even with less than two inches of liquid nitrogen left in the vessel.
  • Every Locator vessel includes durable stainless steel racks with shelves to accomodate one Nalgene® CryoBox TM for 2. ml ampules: Locator Jr. ™ includes four racks with four shelves each for 81-ampule boxes; Locator 4 includes four racks with nine shelves each for 81-ampule boxes; Locator 8 includes eight racks with nine shelves each for 25-ampule boxes.
  • Available as an accessory for the Locator Jr. and 4 are racks to accommodate Nalgene CryoBoxes for 5 ml ampules: Each Locator Jr. rack accommodates two 81-ampule boxes for 5 ml ampules; each Locator 4 rack accommodates five 81-ampule boxes for 5 ml ampules
  • Locator vessels also available with Liquid Nitrogen Monitor
  Locator Jr.TM Locator 4 TM Locator 8 TM
Height 26" 36" 36"
Diameter 22" 22" 22"
Neck Diameter 8.5" 8.5" 6"
Vessel Volume 50L 110L 110L

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