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Bell Jar & Accessories

Cat # Description Price
K10500 12" Glass Bell Jar,12"H.Made by Corning Glass for use with most types of vacuum evaporators. $1.542,00
K10501 12" Glass Bell Jar.18"H Made by Corning Glass for use with most types of vacuum evaporators. $1,841.00
K10505 Gasket for Base of 12" Glass Bell Jar. Sold individually. $104.00
K10510 Bell Jar Protective Cover.Made of 1/4" thick plexiglass with flat top to fit over any 12" diameter bell jar. Protects bell jar from accidental damage and protects operator. Total area under bell jar remains visible. 14.1/2" high x 13.1/2" diameter. $774.00
K10515 Bell Jar Support. Wooden form with support arms lined with foam rubber to protect bell jar from damage. Securely holds any 12" bell jar for cleaning or while setting up an experiment in the evaporator. $227.00
K10520 Goggles. Dark green lenses protect the eyes while observing evaporation of metals and carbons. Fit over most prescription glasses. No-fog vents. Adjustable head band. $71.00

Carbon Rods

Used for evaporating carbon onto specimens being prepared for either X-ray analysis or TEM. Available in spectrographically pure (less than 5ppm spot impurities) where demanding research applications are required and technically pure where ultrapurity is not a requirement.

Unsharpened Carbon Rods - 12" Long

Available in 0.120", 0.180", and 0.242" diameter.

Diameter Qty. Spec. Pure Price Tech. Pure Price
0.120" Pkg/10 K10600 $69.00 K10605 $59.10
0.120" Pkg/50 K10610 $292.00 K10615 $263.70
0.180" Pkg/10 K10620 $75.00 K10625 $59.00
0.180" Pkg/50 K10630 $345.00 K10635 $264.00
0.242" Pkg/10 K10640 $73.00 K10645 $63.00
0.242" Pkg/50 K10650 $334.20 K10655 $272.00

Pre-Sharpened Carbon Rods

Spectrographically pure. Single ended rods are 2" long, double ended rods are 2.3/8" long (necks are 3/16" long). Available in 0.120" and 0.242" diameter.

Cat# Description Price
K10725  $181.00 Single Ended Rods 0.120" diameter, pkg/10 $141.80
K10730  $806.00 Single Ended Rods 0.120" diameter, pkg/50 $633.00
K10745 Double Ended Rods 0.120" diameter, pkg/10 $33.00
K10750 Double Ended Rods 0.120" diameter, pkg/50 $123.00

Carbon String and Cord

The carbon cord is recommended for X-ray.

Cat# Description Price
K10775  $120.00 Carbon string, 1 metre $74.00
K10780 Carbon cord, 1 metre $31.10
K10785 Carbon fiber 3"x3", pkg/2 $14.00

Carbon Rod Sharpener

Precision cutting of 0.120" diameter special carbon rods by this sharpener eliminates all difficulties of producing excellent carbon rod points for evaporation. An adjustable stop determines the length of the carbon rod to be cut, while an adjustable Carboloy insert in the cutting tool determines the diameter of the carbon rod with point. Not designed for 1/4" carbon rods. Complete as shown with cutting tool and instructions.

Cat # Description Price
K10800 Carbon Rod Sharpener,1/8" $1,224.00
K10805 Carbon Rod Sharpener,1/4" $1,466.00

Tungsten Wire

Highest quality malleable tungsten wire. Useful for vacuum evaporation of any metals, or to form unusual shapes of evaporating metals.

Cat# Diameter Length Price
K10875 0.020" 10ft. $43.00
K10880 0.025" 10ft. $58.00
K10881 0.030" 10ft. $58.00

Available in other diameters upon request

Tungsten Wire Baskets

Conical form to hold metals being evaporated in Tungsten Basket Holder. Made from highest quality tungsten wire. Both leads are in the same plane, simplifying positioning and adjustment of the basket. Three heights available, all have 4.5cm leads and are made of 0.020" diameter wire.

Cat# Overall Height I.D. of Basket Top Qty Price
K10825 9.0mm 8.0mm Pkg/10 $66.00
K10830 9.0mm 8.0mm Pkg/100 $582.00
K10835 7.5mm 4.5mm Pkg/10 $65.00
K10840 7.5mm 4.5mm Pkg/100 $569.00
K10845 5.5mm 4.5mm Pkg/10 $64.00
K10850 5.5mm 4.5mm Pkg/100 $556.00

Tungsten Filaments for Evaporation

Filaments are made of 0.020" diameter tungsten wire, 7.6cm (3") long. The 45° angled V-shape center is 17.5mm (11/16") deep.

Cat # Description Price
K10900 Three Strand Tungsten V-Filament. Consists of three twisted strands of 0.020" dia. tungsten wire. Pkg/10 t.b.a
K10905 Single Strand Tungsten V-Filament. 0.020" dia. tungsten wire. Pkg/10 t.b.a

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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