Vacuum Equipment & Supplies

Evaporation Metals and Supplies

Cat # Description Price
K10925 Pure Chromium Chips, 10g $28.70
K10930 Germanium Chips, 10g $45.60
K10935 Uranium Oxide. For high-density shadowing with practically no grain. Dispersed in nitrocellulose binder, 3g $112.80
K10940 Zinc Selenide, 10g $128.50
K10945 Thorium Fluoride $107.80
K10950 Silicon Monoxide Powder 3G. $84.00

Wires for Evaporation

High purity wires for use in evaporation and shadowcasting.

Wire 2ft. 10ft. 50ft.
Aluminum - - K11000 $34.00 - -
Gold K11005 $97.00 K11010 $392.00 K11015 $1,408.00
Palladium K11020 $78.00 K11025 $148.00 K11030 $435.00
Gold/Palladium (60%/40%) K11035 $159.00 K11040 $423.00 K11045 $1,545.00
Platinum K11050 $269.00 K11055 $832.00 K11060 $2,997.00
Platinum/Iridium (80%/20%) K11065 $288.00 K11070 $947.00 K11075 $2,268.00
Platinum/Palladium (80%/20%) K11080 $249.00 K11085 $625.00 K11090 $2,012.00
Silver K11095 $75.00 K11100 $159.00 K11105 $574.00

Wire Cutting Tools

Wire Cutting Scissors

Sturdy blades for cutting wires for evaporation (except tungsten)

Cat # Description Price
K11200 Wire Cutting Scissors $38.00

Wire Cutting Pliers

Powerful leverage permits cutting heavy wire with ease. Induction hardened jaws.

Cat # Description Price
K11205 Wire Cutting Pliers $204.00

Metal Boats

Tungsten Boats

Used to hold molybdenum apertures during heating in vacuum evaporator while cleaning or particulate material during evaporation. Made from top quality foils. Sold in packages of 6. Boats are 3/32" deep.

Cat # Description Price
K11300 1.7/8" long including electrode tabs. Flat depression is 7/16" x 3/16" $64.00
K11305 1.7/8" long including electrode tabs. Flat depression is 7/8" x 3/16" $65.00
K11310 2.15/16" long including electrode tabs. Flat depression is 1.7/8" x 3/16" $66.00

Molybdenum Boats

Used to hold particulate material during evaporation

Cat # Description Price
K11325 Same dimensions as K11300 $76.00
K11330 Same dimensions as K11305 $78.00
K11335 Same dimensions as K11310 $79.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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