Vacuum Greases & Oils: Diffusion Pump Fluids


A polyphenyl Ether synthetic diffusion pump fluid capable of producing ultra high vacuum in the 10-10 torr range. Lowest backstreaming characteristics. Excellent thermal stability. High tolerance to pressure bursts.

Cat # Description Price
K50500 Santovac 5, 100 ml $490.00
K50505 Santovac 5, 500 ml $2,138.00
K50500 SANTOVAC 5 100ML $490,00
K50505 SANTOVAC 5 500ML $2 138,00
K50510 FLUID FOMBLIN YVAC 06/6 1KG $437,00
K50515 FLUID KRYTOX 1506 1KG $495,00
K50520 ELEM.ODOR REMOVAL EMF-10 $416,00
K50525 ELEM.ODOR REMOVAL EMF-20 $440,00
K50530 FILTER ELEMENT FOR EMF-10 $238.00
K50535 FILTER ELEMENT FOR EMF-20 $281.00

Clean your pump thoroughly before using Santovac oil for the first time

Not for use in the Electron Microscope

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. To request a price quotation or for other inquiries, please contact us.

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